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Reaso is unique and spontaneous.​ ​


Reaso draws inspiration from everyday life, friends, creative women, modern art, and simple pleasures like the dazzling colors of a bowl of fresh fruit.

It aims to create a simple yet unexpected elegance with the playful use of silver and precious stones.


While creating our pieces, we try to be a part of real moments that you never want to end. We love to see your jewelry become an heirloom that accompanies you on your adventures.


Pieces are made entirely by hand in Istanbul,Turkey.

​ ​

To reduce our impact on the environment, your choice of jewelry will be created upon your order.

classicu 2022-03-09 131821.121.JPG
classicu 2022-06-05 215433.041.JPG

Nehir thinks, creates, makes the jewelry.

She wears her pieces in pursuit of simple pleasures.

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