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Chai Pink Band Glass Ring

Glass jewelry by REASO
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Every piece of jewelry is handblown from glass. This is how unique pieces are created over the open flame - no two piece are not the same.

Mix & Match the pieces on your finger, neck or on your earrings as you like it. Combine different colors, sizes and shapes. To create your own jewelry check out the silk cords and silver earrings on our shop.


This piece will be shipped from Germany.

Dispacth within 2-3 days.

Please check Shipping page for more information.

product care

Be gentle with your pieces. Reaso Studio jewellery is well crafted and can be enjoyed for years if cared for properly.

Please be extra careful with glass pieces. They are made under 1200 celcius. This process makes them firm and fragile at the same time.

Solid but lightweight.

Ancient yet contemporary.

Encapsulates the essence of Reaso with its uniqueness and unrepeatable-ness.

No two pieces are the same.

Each piece is handcrafted under scorching flames.

Handcrafted Glass Pieces