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Size Guide



Determine what your ring size is by measuring your finger or comparing one of your ring's diameters with a ruler: two practical and easy ways to find the perfect fit.


1. If you already own a ring that has the perfect fit, measure the size by putting it on a ruler-straight and measuring the inside diameter in mm.

2. If you don't have a ring, use a piece of string, ribbon, or a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, close to your knuckle. With a pen mark where the string overlaps and in that way measure the circumference of your finger.


After you find out your ring diameter with a ruler, choose the equivalent circumference.

After you find out your circumference, choose the same or closest larger from our drop-down list.

If your ideal fit falls between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

i.e. your finger's circumference is 59 mm, please choose 60 mm from the list before you add it to the cart.

If you have any questions or don't know your size, we would be delighted to help you!
Just write to us via chat or Instagram dm <3

ID: Inner diameter
US: US size

Circumference: 44 mm
ID: 14 mm

US: 2¾

Circumference: 54 mm
ID: 17,19 mm

US: 6¾

Circumference: 46 mm
ID: 14,64 mm

US: 3½

Circumference: 56 mm
ID: 17,82 mm

US: 7½

Circumference: 48 mm
ID: 15,28 mm

US: 4½

Circumference: 58 mm
ID: 18,46 mm

US: 8¼

Circumference: 50 mm
ID: 15,91 mm

US: 5¼

Circumference: 60 mm
ID: 19,10 mm

US: 9

Circumference: 52 mm
ID: 16,55 mm

US: 6

Circumference: 62 mm
ID: 19,73mm

US: 9¾

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