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Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU Enjoy free shipping on orders over €90 in EU



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Politique d'expédition



We ship from Germany within 1-3 working days from the day of order placement (can take longer during sales). You’ll receive an email that your order has reached us. From that point, you can reach us and tell us if you need any change requests for your order.

You’ll receive a tracking code after it is delivered to the post office for transportation.

Our office is located in Germany. Your orders will be shipped from Germany to your doorstep.

Orders will be sent via UPS or DHL Trackable Shipping. 

Free shipping is available for orders over an amount and this threshold changes depending on the country.

Germany express shipping: €4.90. Free shipping on all orders above €90.

EU countries' standard express shipping: €7.90. Free shipping on all orders above €90.

UK shipping standard express shipping: £10.90. Free shipping on all orders above £90.

Rest of the world standard shipping: is €15. Free shipping on all orders above €150.

Product prices include VAT for the respective market. For orders within the European Union, VAT is charged and included in the prices. For the orders from The UK, VAT is included in the price.

Please be careful with the tax information on the checkout page. If there is no information such as “Tax included”, then the VAT is not included in the shown price. You may pay VAT at the delivery. In that case, you won’t pay VAT at the checkout.

This rule applies to the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, and other countries outside the European Union (except the UK).

Before ordering, we suggest verifying your country’s import fees to have an estimate of the amount to be paid to receive the package. 

Estimated Delivery Time after Shipping:

Germany: 2-4 Working Days

Anywhere in Europe: 2-6 Working Days

UK: 3-6 Working Days

Outside Europe: 6-10+ Working Days (for detailed information, write us an email after placing the order)

For countries outside the EU there can be some delays due to customs clearance which Reaso cannot be held accountable for, So please forgive us if you have to wait a few days longer. Reaso is not responsible for any customs and duty fees that could be charged when the package reaches the country of destination.



 When your order leaves our atelier we will send you an e-mail with a tracking number of your shipment.

Specified delivery times are provided as guidelines. Tracking orders would be in customer’s responsibility. There is no signature obligation at the delivery. Reaso is not responsible for any lost packages or unsuccessful delivery attempts. Please check your tracking link regularly until your package arrives. 

We recommend you contact the local shipping service in case of any problem or lost delivery before you contact us. You may receive the fastest service by going to the closest post office.



If you have yet to receive the package (and prove it with the information on the tracking page) REASO will cover the package and send your order once again. In case of loss during delivery, the customer can’t demand a refund, a second package will be provided free of charge.


If the package is delivered according to the tracking page but you never received the package, please get in contact with the shipping company as soon as possible. They might help you with the location of the package. The mix-up might be due to their system failure or the package might be waiting for you at the closest post office. The shipping company can give the most accurate information.

We also recommend you check it with your neighbors since they might receive the package on behalf of you.

After you try to solve it and you haven’t received the package, please let us know about the situation. We will do our best to help you. Please beware that our solution can take time due to the formal procedure we have with the shipping company.


We recommend you promptly check the product for completeness and correctness as soon as it is delivered. Disclose your complaints to us and the shipping company via email within 12 hours. Our team is happy to help you with replacements or returns.

 Additionally, if you notice that the item has been damaged during transport, you should report this to us at contact@reasostudio.com within 12 hours of delivery time. 



We recommend our customers check the tracking code regularly until their order arrives.

There could be issues such as not receiving a note from the shipping company about your package, the shipping company leaving your property without delivering the package, not receive any news from the shipping company side, etc.) In any of these cases, please contact us and the shipping company. We will try our best to help you.

Packages get delivered to the customer’s address by the responsible shipping company. REASO cannot be accountable, if the customer does not pick up the parcel or take any action regarding the delivery. As a result of an unclaimed package, the customer should go to the post office and receive it or get in contact with the shipping company for other options. If the parcel gets shipped back to us due to undelivered, the customer can’t demand a refund. We send the package once again in exchange for a second shipping cost.

If the package is not picked up and any kind of fee is added, you are responsible for the extra cost and will be charged all costs and expenses associated with the return shipment. This includes freight charges, any extra payments, duties, taxes, etc.


 Please make sure that you entered your address correctly and as detailed as possible. In case of a wrong delivery address added by a customer, REASO can not be held accountable for the mix-up. We try our best to help you solve the situation. Please get in contact with us as soon as you realize the mistake. 

If you missed your delivery and have questions please contact contact@reasostudio.com.

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